Shollei Tears Mwendwa To Pieces For Sponsoring Proxies To Fight SDT In Court

Shollei Tears Mwendwa To Pieces For Sponsoring Proxies To Fight SDT In Court 1

Kenya Federation (FKF) presidential aspirant, Sammy Shollei, has faulted Nick Mwendwa’s administration for contesting the verdicts of Sports Disputes Tribunal (SDT) in ordinary courts.

Shollei points out that FKF is acting in contempt of the prescribed FIFA statutes and breaching its own constitution by having such matters addressed in an ordinary court of law.

“Fifa rules are crystal clear, they do not tolerate the use of ordinary courts to resolve sports disputes. Fifa advocates for a sports arbitration process,” Shollei said.

He appealed to football stakeholders to recognize and appreciate the presence of the Sports Disputes Tribunal which was constitutionally established to resolve conflicts in sports.

“Luckily for us, we have a tribunal which is a creature of the Parliament of Kenya under the Sports Act 2013. The SDT has been a breath of fresh air for all stakeholders. It has been an avenue for justice in sports disputes and a pillar of hope in the entire industry,” he said.

Football Stakeholders Suspect FKF Of Using Proxies To Fight SDT

Mr. John Ohaga: The Sports Disputes Tribunal Chairman (SDT)

Shollei is convinced that the current office bearers have a hand in the three cases which were filed across the country to challenge all the SDT rulings that did not favor FKF.

“It is unfortunate the current FKF office has ‘anonymously’ filed cases in three regional courts to block the SDT from discussing and or handling any football matters.”

A number of stakeholders have accused Mwendwa of using his proxies – FKF South Coast Chairman Gabriel Mghendi and Secretary-General Lilian Nadundu – to file a petition in the Mombasa High Court, that sought to stop STD from listening and determining cases touching on football.

Mghendi and Nadundu came out of the courtroom all smiles after they successfully obtained a temporary injunction clamping down on all the Tribunal’s activities revolving around FKF.

The proceedings, which should have begun on June 29 were suspended indefinitely after all court sessions were adjourned as part of Covid-19 containment measures.

Shollei Says Mwendwa Is Exhibiting Arrogance

Nick Mwendwa Shollei
FKF President Nick Mwendwa accused of fighting the Sports Disputes Tribunal by proxy.

Shollei accused Mwendwa of portraying arrogance while seeking refuge behind the world football governing body.

“Perpetuating ridicule, arrogance, impunity and contempt towards the Ministry of Sports, the Registrar of Sports and the Sports Act under the guise of Fifa’s policy of non-interference is treachery beyond measure.”

Mwendwa has, however, made it clear that his office no longer places any trust in the Tribunal to hand out a fair verdict.

“If a member has issues with the SDT, he cannot go to the SDT. He has to seek justice from somewhere within the law.”

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