Awful Facts About Denis Schweizer That, Akothee Missed

Akothee announced in a long Facebook post that she was depressed after discovering shocking things about Denis Schweizer(Omosh).

The Mzungu came to Kenya as a tourist. He had told his wife and children that he was coming to Kenya to act in a movie. While Akothee took the wedding seriously, the mzungu was just having fun.

One red flag was that the wedding happened here instead of happening in the man’s home country. It was fully financed by Akothee and her friends.

Later after the wedding, Akothee realized that the Mzungu was actually a Pakistan national who was married with 3 children. This information came out when they met in Switzerland. The Mzungu received numerous calls from the wife.

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Another shocking piece of information revealed that Omosh is on almost all dating sites looking for women to have fun with. It means he is free for anyone.

Akothee was to have a wedding with Denis Schweizer in September in his home country but it didn’t happen, meaning that the Mzungu was not interested in the marriage.

From the beginning of the union, it was clear Denis Schweizer was hiding something. Even during dowry negotiations, he collected tourists from Malindi to Akothee’s home where they negotiated dowry. The tourists ate and had fun.

Denis Schweizer is now free to mingle with other women after giving Akothee character development. He blocked Akothee and went to his home country Pakistan.

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