How Celebrated Star, Shaffie Weru Got His Name In Guinness Book of Record, The Money He Got

Shaffie Weru

This might come as a surprise but is true that Kenyan media personality Shaffie held a Guinness World Record. This means that Shaffie Weru has is the name inscribed in the famous best selling Guinness Book of Record.

The radio host participated in a Guinness record breaking challenge sponsored by Gillette.

The attempt was to break the record of having the most many men to be shaved in a single day. This attempt saw 3000 men participate in the challenge.

The “Team Mafisi general” went for it and got it and got a change to get his name in the Guiness Book of Records.

He has not discloses the amount he received for having such a record under his name but certainly it was a huge amount of money.

Other big names that featured in the attempt were Muthoni DQ, Kristoff, Band Becca, Femi One, Mayonde, Kagwe, Blinky Bill, Crème de la Crème and DJ Sneep.

The event was held in Kenyatta Univerisity in a Gilette driven concert on July 19th, 2017.

Shaffie Weru revealed that he was paid a fat cheque for the record. He used the money to his baby mama a car.

This tells you something about the money he got. It must be quite a lot. He said that the money was worth more than some people’s salary. Not just any salary but a whole year salary excluding barbers salary 

What records have you broken? Let me hear from you in the comment section.

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