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Rift Valley Senator in Trouble For Calling Raila ‘The Lord of Poverty’ After Kibra Food Chaos.

Rift Valley Senator

The Former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga’s name was dragged into the chaos. On Thursday, Raila and his wife, Ida Odinga in collaboration with Jimmy Wanjigi donated foodstuffs, soaps, hand sanitizers, and water.

It was everyone for themselves on Friday, 10th April as residents of Kibera slums struggled their best to get food aid.

They were seen to force their way to the distribution joints to access the food supplies that will at least sail them through the pandemic.

The stampede made police fire out tear gas. This in return led to several injuries. Several men with sticks were seen beating up the residents.

Kibera resident fight for food donation

Stampede witnessed in Kibra Slums on 10th April/Courtesy

With leaders and Kenyans calling for a proper way of giving out donations, other stepped in to criticize the ‘charity’ act.

Nandi Senator, Cherargei Kiprotich through his Twitter account, called off Raila for the Kibra chaos. He referred to the ODM leader as, ‘The Lord of Poverty.’

Rift Valley Senator

Senator went on to state that if the chaos were a result of Ruto’s events, the government would have called all the investigative offices in the country to check on the matter.

“The lord of poverty Rao made chaos so that donations couldn’t be quantified. If it was Dp Ruto or any of his allies the IG, DPP,DCI, EACC,Interior Cs Mr. Ibu ,DCC, chief, nyumbani Kumi ,mukasa would been investigating why over 10 people met.”

His message was not received as he thought since most people turned against him while others were elated that Raila had helped the vulnerable in the society.

Check out some of the responses;

@SharonChemurgor: Take time to educate your constituents about corona virus, it’s sad that most people in Nandi county lack knowledge.

@ItimuWaNjururi: Ruto is Lord of Poverty not RAO. He Looted 70billion for his own people to build dams&Imported Maize from his Congo RANCH so RV farmers remain poor&vote 4 him. Tangatanga arrogance will END.

@DaddieKiogy:Raila does not owe anybody.he only donates willingly.Its Kenya that owes Raila through the sufferings he was was subjected to.

@odhiamboke: Without Rao you’re irrelevant,praise him you are back.

@enock_oburu: We haven’t forgotten your incitement charges u might land in Kisumu for investigation, just quarantine sir avoid verbal diarrhea

Here is Senator’s tweet

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