See How Rev Lucy Natasha Prophesy Changed A Wicked Firstborn To A Record Breaker In The Family

Popular City preacher Rev Lucy Natasha alias ‘Oracle Of God’ bowled over her with a charismatic powerful message on a Miracle Monday service.

The commanding message circled around the Firstborns in a family . The allure content in the message was exceedingly digging deeper to the problems Firstborns acquired naturally from their first human being , Adam.

On the single Monday , night of miracles Rev Lucy Natasha fell in to deep sense of thought and began speaking in tongues. No sooner the spirit of God began speaking with no control, later deliverance session began.

Rev Natasha quoted an endless list of the Firstborns from the time of Adam indicating that families are under siege due to the curses of Firstborns.

Miracle Monday followers in the church hall

Rev Natasha claimed that the Firstborns are under attack because they are the record breakers and predecessors in a family. Notably , the firstborn sons of Isreal were cursed and God wanted to finish them through plagues. Again Jesus Christ himself being a firstborn child to Mary suffered beyond death that would make him regret the reasons of his birth.

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Written by Tony Mballa

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