Newly Employed Secondary School Teachers Service Commission(TSC) Salary In A Year

Secondary School Teachers Service Commission

In our country, teachers are very crucial people as they play an important role in our education sector. Teachers help in teaching our children in schools.

They help these children to grow morally, intellectually, and even spiritually. The body that is responsible for the employment of teachers is the Teachers Service Commission(TSC).

The Teachers Service Commission in Kenya does mass employment of teachers every year both Primary and Secondary school teachers.

Secondary School Teachers Service Commission
Secondary School Teachers Service Commission(TSC)

When these teachers are entitled to the basic monthly salary and other allowances like House allowance and Commuter allowance. Those who find themselves in hardship places get an additional allowance known as hardship allowance.

But do you really know the amount of money this teachers earn in total in a year?

Secondary school Teachers Service Commission on T- Scale start from Ksh419,460 to Ksh524,328 per annum.

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