4 Reasons Why Schools Are Likely To Close Shortly After Reopening.

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The Kenyan education ministry has already set date for the reopening of primary and secondary schools in phases. Grade 4, class 8, and form 4 learners will reopen on Monday, 12th October 2020. Other learners were likely to reopen a week or two weeks later.

However, there are possible chances that schools might be forced to close after actual reopening is done. Below here are a number of reasons why schools may close moments after resumption:-

1.Increasing Cases of coronavirus

It can be noticed that the cases of coronavirus disease have started hiking slowly. If this escalation in the number of coronavirus cases persists, schools may be forced to close again. Already there were hints that the second wave of coronavirus might loom, perhaps, the second phase might have started.

2. Some schools are submerged due floods.

Cases of floods in Baringo and Kisumu for instance have submerged some schools, making them hard to reopen. This horrible condition might compromise reopening in those schools and so the government may be forced to close all schools as they look for the mitigation of this problem.

4 Reasons Why Schools Are Likely To Close Shortly After Reopening.
3. Majority of male learners are circumcised.

Schools may lack quorum to some extent because they are reopening a time when some section of male learners have undergone circumcision. They will find it hard to reopen.

4. Lack of preparedness of Many parents to send their children to school

Many parents claim they were not given ample time to prepare for the back to the school of their children. For this reason, hardship may force many learners to postpone reopening until their parents are in a position to have them reopening.

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