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Top 5 Judge’s Monthly Salary Range in Kenya.

Judge's Monthly Salary Range in Kenya.

The judges work in the judiciary which is one of the arms of government. Any Judge Monthly Salary is according to the position they are at in the judiciary and according to the court system.

The court system comprises; The Supreme Court, The Court of Appeal, The High Court, The Environment and land Court, and The subordinate courts.

The chief justice is the president of the Supreme Court. She/he earns a basic monthly salary ranging from 594,000 KES to 796,733 KES with an allowance ranging from 396,000 KES to 531,155 KES.

Deputy chief justice takes home a salary ranging from 492,800 KES to 740,121 KES and an allowance of 328,533 KES when lowest and 493,414 KES at its highest.

The Supreme Court judge earns 475,200 KES when lowest and 731,121 KES when highest. His or her allowance ranges from 316,800 KES to 487,414 KES per month.

The Court of Appeal judge is paid a basic salary ranging from 393,525 KES to 673,655 KES with a monthly allowance of 262,350 KES when lowest and a highest of 449,104 KES.

A High Court judge takes home a basic salary of 394,456 KES when lowest and a highest of 600,584 KES. In addition, a monthly allowance ranging from 262,970 KES to 400,390 KES.

Those are the salary ranges of the top five judges in the judiciary.

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