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Monthly Salary Of Security Guards Working In Dubai In Kenyan Shillings

Monthly Salary Of Security Guards Working In Dubai In Kenyan Shillings

Security Guards are the most underrated people in the world. This is because, some people feel like that job is not good enough and because of that, a lot of people take advantage of them.

They are given a lot of tasks but the payment is lower that the hard work that they put in it.

Some of these Security Guards in Dubai go through hell most especially when they are working in an estate or company.

Some of the people that live in the place treat them as if they are not good enough and they don’t deserve to be paid well. You may find that they are yelling at them on most occasions.

Some of these people would prefer to go and work in countries like Dubai. This is because they are paid well and their Security Guards are guaranteed at all times.

They are also well taken care of in terms of places to sleep and food. This is because, as long as they have that contact, they are given a roof on top of their heads and at times even transport.

Have you ever wondered how much they are paid each month?. They are given a salary of AED 2,267 and when turned to Ksh it’s 67,677.08. This is enough to feed a family and even open Businesses

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