Role, Rank & Salary of Officer Commanding Police Station (OCS) in Kenya

Officer Commanding Police Station (OCS)

National Police Service, previously named the Kenya Police Service, has over the years remained one of the most corrupt police services in the world. Kenyan Police will never respond to emergencies on time if they do at all. Police officers survive on intimidation as they lack the relevant investigative skills and are unwilling or reluctant to solve a crime.

Cases of extra-judicial killings are normal in the country while most of them are corrupt, a very few have made it their mandate to protect and uphold the law.

Officer Commanding Police Station (OCS)

Rank of an OCS

For an officer to be appointed as Officer Commanding Police Station (OCS) or a base commander, He/She must have served or be in the rank of chief inspector or an inspector of police.

This is a lucrative rank taking it into consideration the amount of money officers in this rankare make on a bad day, away from their salaries.

A good example, business enterprises such as night clubs pay “protection money” that goes to Officer Commanding Police Station (OCS) weekly or monthly. The money collected ranges from around Ksh.2000 to Ksh.50,000 depending on the location of a night club.

Role of OCS

1. He/She is an Officer commanding police posts and patrol bases in their assigned area of operation.

2. Provide support to national government mandates.

Officer Commanding Police Station (OCS)


According to the Informer Kenya website, Police inspectors in the rank of an Officer Commanding Police Station (OCS) receives a basic salary of Ksh.53,872, while a chief inspector at pay grade six takes home Ksh.59,550 as Monthly salary.

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