Saida Loan App Download – How To Apply, Limit, Interest rate, Contacts.

Saida Loan App offers Kenyans access to fast and convenient loans to their Mpesa account. This can come in handy, especially during emergencies, when one needs to pay their bills, and even as a means to grow your business.

Unlike conventional lending, the Saida Loan app does not require any paperwork or several meetings before you secure your loan. The days of vetting at the bank just to secure a loan are long gone. To get a Saida loan, you just need to download the Saida loan app.

Borrow Up To Ksh 25,000 Using Saida Loan App

If it’s your first time getting a loan with Saida, the initial offer amount will be on lower amount and increase as you pay back on time and take on more loans. With a good Saida account, you can get up to Ksh 25,000 loan through the Saida loan app.

Saida builds your credit score (decides on the loan amount to offer you) from data collected from your phone usage of SMS / Calls / Internet, your Mpesa transactions, and your social connections especially your Facebook page.


How To Apply

  1. Create a Saida account using the Saida loan app and answer a couple of questions for them to build your profile.
  2. Using your phone data, Saida checks history details of how you have been using your phone to make calls, sms, data, and your MPesa usage history. This will enable Saida to calculate the amount of money they can offer you as a loan.
  3. Once you complete the application and hope you are suitable for a loan Saida will update you within an hour and send the loan amount offered to your MPesa account instantly with details of the repayment terms. Unfortunately, if you cannot be offered the loan Saida will explain the reasons why they cannot give you the loan.

Saida interest rates on their loans can be as low as 7.5%. The interest charged is personalized per person, meaning every single customer gets a different interest rate.

How Do I Repay Saida Loan?

It is always good practice to pay your loan on time, this helps in building a healthy credit score for yourself. Repaying the Saida loan on time also enables you to get more significant loan amounts, and it also saves you the penalty payments you may have to make for late payments.

Repaying Saida loan is pretty easy, payment is done through their Safaricom Paybill number

Saida Paybill

Note: Saida Paybill number 854400 is registered as Suave Business Solutions

Using your mobile phone these are the steps you would follow to pay for your Saida loan.

  1. Go to your Mpesa Icon on your phone
  2. Select Lipa na Mpesa
  3. Select Pay bill
  4. Type Saida Paybill Number 854400
  5. Select Account number
  6. Type your phone number as your Account Number
  7. Type Amount (here enter the loan amount you want to pay)
  8. Press OK to complete the Saida loan payment

How to Repay Your Saida Loan

Taking a loan these days can be very easy, but things can turn ugly very quickly when you fail to make your loan repayments.

It’s always wise to call or get in touch with the lender early enough when you encounter difficulties when it’s time to pay up. Saida loan can give you 3 months to pay, and better still they can work with you to schedule a repayment plan that will work for you.

Should you ignore the sensible thing of contacting them to make this payment plan and stick to paying as agreed will only lead to the most stressful situation of being chased by collection companies. Worse still you will have your name forwarded to the Credit Bureau, which will end up giving you a bad credit history.


Contact Saida Through Saida Loan App

Once you have installed the Saida loan app, you will be able to get help by contacting Saida using the Saida Help menu. If you are not a Saida customer or don’t have the Saida app, you will need to download the app to be able to reach out for help.

I hope this has been helpful in assisting you to make the right decision should you be thinking of getting a Saida loan.

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