Sacked ‘Sex Misconduct’ Teacher Framed by Her Student Gets Her Job Back.

Teacher Framed

A female teacher framed for sexual mischief by her students two years ago and dismissed by the TSC has been reinstated.

Justice Hellen Wasilwa ordered the Teachers Service Commission to rehire Hellen Khamali and pay her full dues from when she was dismissed last year.

Khamali, who taught English at Kabuyefwe Friends Boys Secondary in Trans Nzoia, was interdicted for immoral behavior after three learners alleged she had sexual relations with them.

However, Wasilwa in her judgment noted that Khamali was dismissed without any evidence. The action was unfair and unlawful and violated her rights under the Constitution.

“I note that the petitioner is a young lady, a mother and wife whose career as a teacher was cut short by the illegality of TSC. The chances of her getting another job will be an uphill task unless she is reinstated,” the judge ruled.

The court also ruled that even though she was given the opportunity to be heard, the process was to be efficient and lawful.

“In the case TSC returned an invalid finding of their hearing process of guilt when, in fact, there was no evidence to support the finding,” the judge held.

Teacher Framed

She said Article 41 of the Constitution provides that every person has a right to fair labor practices, that a person shall not be dismissed from employment without valid reasons.

“It is not clear why TSC proceeded to find her guilty without any evidence because the allegations against her were never produced during the initial investigations hearings,” the court said.

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The court also noted that Khamali had denied ever talking to the students during the holiday and asked the TSC to produce call logs to prove this, which they didn’t.

“There was also an allegation that she sent the student in question text messages for him to meet her during the holiday. No such messages were produced in court” the court noted.

According to the court, during the initial disciplinary hearing, the students who allegedly had sexual relationships with Khamali never gave any evidence.

The student who had alleged that she infected him with an STD recanted his statements and even praised her for being a good teacher.

The Form 4 student claimed that he was forced to write the initial statement implicating the teacher by the principal who wanted to settle scores with Khamali.

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