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Why Sabina Chege Was Right to Tell Ruto “Stop Being Crybaby and Face Uhuru”


Engaging in breathtaking displays of selective investigations, Ruto and the Uhuru administration he helped bring to power spent much of the last three weeks exchanging allegations of horrible crimes.

Ruto, the man in the freezer who was once the most powerful and influential figure in Uhuru’s government accused his boss, President Uhuru Kenyatta, during the funeral of sergeant Kipyegon Kenei of complicity in a heinous murder.

As if that was not enough, Ruto stood up in front of mourners largely drawn from his tribesmen to denounce his own government for plotting to kill him, after killing Kenei. The outburst was calculated to divert the stream of evidence from DCI’s investigation and to cover those crooks who murdered Kenei.

All those unfortunate mourners and relatives of the departed who deluded by the false promises held out to them by Ruto over Kenei’s and plot to kill shall leave their homes for such a dreary wilderness as Ruto was merely making political mileage out Kenei’s death.

All that he wanted and still wants is retaliation against the collapse of his MoU with Uhuru. The MoU between the president and his deputy president was odious and pernicious. He has done a good deal of mischief in the Rift Valley by his inflammatory incitement remarks inciting discontent amongst the communities in the North Rift. Ludicrous.

Ruto gambled with his 2022 ambition with Uhuru in 2013. A smart gambler knows that you will seldom find friendlier odd……than one in two. It depends on individual skill at the card table. One can produce the requisite sum. There is no chance involved. The Handshake has provided Uhuru with ironclad methods for victory. Ruto doesn’t how the behavior of flags in wind apply to gamble. He has lost and now he wants to overturn the gambling table in a rage. He is a sour loser.

No wonder President Uhuru has refused to respond to the allegations, but DCI announced that Ruto allies were being investigated over links with international arms scam worth Ksh.40 billion in which Sgt.Kenei was a prime suspect.

The DCI in accordance with constitutional rights to the public access to information had given a public update on the investigation.

Ruto, on the other hand, unveiled his own final investigation report at the funeral of the slain policeman. He said he was convinced the state or system was behind the death of Kenei. He stopped short of accusing Uhuru of ordering the killing of Kenei.

Well, as they say: politics is only war by other means. You may find yourself with your principles intact watching the future of a united Kenya from afar IDP camp. Ruto is pathetic. He is bathed in ethnic inflammatory incitement as surely as summer is in heat.

He alluded that, as the deputy president, he knew such an incident took place.

Ruto’s strategic objective had been to trigger a wave of ethnic outrage from his tribe and allow him to show himself a man of action with unparalleled protective zeal out to defend the Kalenjin collective interest.

In his usual breathtaking displays of selective memory loss, immediately after the murder of Kenei his own office announced Kenei had committed suicide. He has forgotten that.

Ruto’s accusations centered on an incident that took place at his own official office. The strange incident of arms sales in his office has never been fully explained by him. But Ruto’s interest in the investigation is as belated as it is unconvincing.

He did not explain why it took him so long to conclude that Uhuru was aware of the killing. As a self-declared prime mover on the inner around the Uhuru’s state House, a proud assistant to the president, the kingmaker who took the oath together with the king and a believer in co-kingship, Ruto we all know prided himself on knowing exactly who was doing what in the highest reaches of power. He, like other powerful political power brokers, collected information on rivals, friends security and on the statehouse operatives.

He also has access to information provided by a security agency including the national security committee which he chairs in the absence of Uhuru. Yet at the time when Echesa was busily negotiating the arms deal in his office, Ruto did not voice security concerns with IG Mutyambai. He has not reported the incident to the nearest police station at all.

But suspiciously the same DP has vehemently voiced suspicion about DCI Kinoti involvement in the investigation. It is said, he as always, prefers the EACC sleuths, whose one of its topmost officials, has a son working as one of his senior aides.

Ruto is, in fact, using all the levers at his disposal to ensure the advancement of arms scam investigation is brought to grinding halt.

The stakes for Ruto and his allies are very high. The disappearance of key witnesses in Echesa arms scam is reminiscent of the witness disappearing, witnesses interference and evidence tampering strategy adopted in the ICC cases.

To Ruto and his allies, the main alternative to Ruto is former Prime Minister Raila Odinga who they alleged has sworn to put all corrupt leaders behind bars or into self-exile.

Ruto claims that President Uhuru or his system has nefarious links to killer or killers of Kenei, that his own life is in danger, that the system does not elect but only kills, that God is on his side are also late in coming.

Ruto often has been caught redhanded dealings with crooks and thieves. He is a crippled horse that cannot run in the 2022 race yet he is incapable of leaving wagon and baggage behind.

Strategically, the system anxious is to be rid of Ruto’s grafty and scandalous character, harassment and embarrassment. They will take it upon themselves to expel him from their midst using the legal processes of the day. This is how the thieving hustler monarchy will naturally die. You can’t live the life of a ‘noble corruption’ forever simply by devising a strategy of echoing the 2007 post-election violence at every public rally in Rift Valley in the hope that it might silence graft war and scare the settlers community into voting you in 2022 while stopping the Reggae.

Who doesn’t know that ethnic violence, election rigging, corruption, fraud, system manipulation, and fakery are hideously dissonant tools that have formed a murky aspect of Ruto’s politics since his stint in YK92 to date? We all do know the tools are about to become obsolete with the passage of BBI.

Ruto is in utter disarray. His allies are behaving like scattered bands of gangster, sprouting like weeds in Harambee Annex this morning in Poland in the after and Italy in the evening at Caren in the night at the same time turning on one other, all the while Ruto’s mouth close like a vise from without.

Kenyans are exhausted by Ruto’s loud politicking for the Church and in churches while passing off as a private investor in heaven. Mysticism is not faith. Only those who believe in mysticism can claim to invest in heaven while on earth.

In tribal-based Kenya politics, allegations like those exchanged last week intended as warnings to settler communities. The tribal chieftain is signaling a willingness to use the diversionary, distortive threatening and inciting material at his disposal to wad off lawful investigations directed at his allies.

In any case, his message is unclear but clear to those in the know: lose up the pressure on graft practitioners, and my memory will become less selective. Ruto seems to tell Uhuru.

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