Sabina Chege Message to James Orengo, Junet, And Sifuna On BBI Report.

Sabina Chege

Muranga Woman Representative Hon Sabina Chege has asked key leaders within the Orange Democratic Movement party to remain silent and should avoid listening to those leaders delivering contentious remarks about the Handshake.

Speaking during the celebration of the International Women’s Day event held at Muranga, Hon Sabina Chege has urged the ODM leaders not to be worried by the allegations going viral on social media that the handshake is about to end revealing fresh details about the Building Bridges Initiative.

Sabina Chege Message

Hon Sabina Chege has said that it should be clear that the Handshake was initiated by President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga and that any leader who was not part of the duo should keep aside.

The Murang’a Woman Representative has said that she has not heard or had any idea that the handshake is coming to an end stating that, Uhuru-Raila March 2018 Handshake is still solid.

Sabina Chege has told Siya SenatorJames Orengo among ODM leaders to remain silent and should avoid listening to what the critics are planning or predicting.

Sabina Chege Message

“What I want to tell our people or even our coalition partners not to worry. This coalition was a result of an agreement between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga. So others are Others including myself I am others. I don’t see why Orengo and the Group have an issue with others and it is important that we don’t lose our focus,” Sabina Chege has said.

“For me, I don’t see any threat with the Handshake, Let us focus and focus on what Hon Raila Odinga and his Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta want us to do that is passing the BBI in fact if it can be done earlier it would be good,” Sabina Chege has added.

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