Ruto’s Son Says Bye To Twitter After Several Abuses and Insults

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Nick Ruto the son of the Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya Dr William Samoei Ruto has finally quitted his Twitter account following several allegations and abuse from the public with regards that he should inform his father to stop stealing public money.

Nick Ruto early on Sunday morning seemed amused with some of the Public for raising negative implications to him.Nick Twitted that enough is enough referring to the a number of boring tweets he has received from his followers and anti his father DP Ruto supporters.

“Enough is enough and bye Twitter,The words I have received are enough.” Bye Twitter,”Twitted Nick Ruto.

Nick Ruto has been previously in the Frontline supporting his father DP Ruto and urging his followers that DP William Ruto is the love of Kenya and Love of Kenyans.He also Twitted that his father is not a thief but a dedicated leader to serve Kenyans.

“My father is not a thief and am not afraid to let you know that,he is the love of Kenya and a servant.”added Nick Ruto through a tweet.

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