Disturbing Letter from Ruto to President Uhuru That has gone Viral.


President Kenyatta 

As the political tensions in the country continue to rise one will be forgiven to conclude that the elections are just around the corner. To the surprise of many people though, there are still over two years to go before elections are held which is 2022. 

Political betrayals have become a thing of the norm with the country witnessing undoubtedly the biggest political betrayal since independence this week. 

One Kenyan has now taken to the Internet to address the issue of the latest betrayal by writing an emotional letter to the President on behalf of the Deputy President. In the letter, the writer is referring to himself as Dr. Ruto and he is speaking on behalf of all the Rutos in the country (hustlers) 

He says, 

“Dear Mr. President, 

May I take this humble opportunity to address you and bring forth issues that we as Kenyans feel you have really failed since you took office. I know you may wonder who I am to you, a powerful ruler, the president of Kenya. 

But I speak to you in the spirit of our contemporary freedom fighter. Yes, I am Ruto, the son of a peasant farmer. I am Ruto the speaker of the oppressed. 

Mr. President, you have led this country to a path that we may never recover. We the hustler’s nation supported your agenda since 2013 blindly, We the Rutos of this country fought every battle for you. We assumed your enemies as our enemies but look at where you have left us. 

You have chosen to embarrass us and Betray our course. You have painted us as enemies of progress just because we are against your idea of taking the country down with you by the enormous loans from the West.

You have labeled us as pests and that we need to be fumigated. From a brother now we have become pests. Just because we are asking you to do the right thing. You have turned the situation into personal battles with your juniors. 

We the Rutos of this country feel betrayed by your administration. We feel you have disrespected us but as always God will fight the battle for us. 

Now that we are literally out of your way, please do something for Kenyans. Assist those Stuck in kariobangi. Provide medical care to Kenyans. Provide Them with food and lastly respect the constitution. Respect the Rule of law or risk having a lawless country. Basically, DO YOUR JOB Uhuru. 


President of hustlers 

Dr. Ruto” he wrote on Facebook 

The letter has received divided opinions from Kenyans with many acknowledging that it is wrong for the President to continue victimizing his Deputy. Others were however happy with the President’s continued war with his Deputy. 

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