DP Ruto Urges Leaders to Selflessly and Jealously Guard Jubilee Agenda.

Jubilee agenda

Deputy President William Ruto has praised Jubilee MPs who have stood firm despite threats, blackmail, and intimidations to defend the Jubilee Agenda.

He said some leaders were keen to divide the party and frustrate its unity and development Jubilee Agenda. for the country so as to achieve their selfish ends ahead of the 2022 elections.

Addressing grassroots leaders from 13 Counties drawn from the Kikuyu community at his Sugoi home after the Sunday Service, the Deputy President noted that some leaders were doing everything possible to hijack the Jubilee agenda for Kenyans.

“I wish to commend the MPs who have stood firm despite threats, intimidations and blackmail to defend the Jubilee agenda for the country,” said Dr Ruto.

Present were Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika, MPs Kimani Ngunjiri of Bahati and Soy MP Caleb Kositany.

The Deputy President urged leaders to selflessly guard the Jubilee manifesto and agenda, which is anchored on unity and development from individuals who were eager to divide the party to achieve their political Jubilee agenda ahead of 2022.

He said President Uhuru Kenyatta and him resolved to work together from 2013 to fight tribalism and negative ethnicity that had led to clashes after every election.

“We must stop politics based on hatred and tribalism. It doesn’t matter the price, we must bring such politics to an end and embrace a united country free from tribalism and negative ethnicity,” said Dr Ruto.

The Deputy President said the Jubilee administration under the leadership of President Kenyatta has achieved much in terms of development projects especially the improvement of roads, the connection of electricity, development of water, health, and education sectors compared to the previous regimes combined.

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He said the Constitution allowed every Kenyan irrespective of status in the society to contest for any leadership position including the presidency.

“We must demonstrate that in this country, the child of a hawker and the one using a bicycle by God’s grace can become a leader of any status including the president,” he said.

Ngunjiri and Ms Kihika said they were optimistic that Dr Ruto would take over the presidency in 2022.

“It is my dream that President Kenyatta and the Deputy President will be together before 2022 and continue with what they started in 2013,” said Mr Ngunjiri.

Jubilee agenda

Ngunjiri said promises must be respected, assuring that the Kikuyu community would rally behind the leadership of Dr Ruto in 2022 as promised by President Kenyatta in 2013 and 2017.

Kihika said it is the people of Kenya who elect leaders, dismissing the notion that it was the ‘deep state’, which was responsible for ‘electing leaders’.

“We will overcome the current challenges we have as a party. What I know is that God and majority of Kenyans are with Dr Ruto ahead of the next elections,” said Ms Kihika.

Mr Kositany said they are behind the leadership of Dr Ruto not because he is a Kalenjin but because of his development track record.

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