On Ringo: Rosa Won’t be Able to Box Again

Rosa Ringo

After Gloria leaves, Ringo tells Teresa that Turco kidnapped Gloria. She reminds Ringo that she wants Gloria out of there, but Ringo points out that Gloria hasn’t found a place yet.

At the hospital, Rosa asks Guachin and Oso who they are. The doctor explains to Oso that sometimes after coming out of a coma, patients suffer post-traumatic amnesia.

Meanwhile, Guachin talks to Rosa about herself, telling her she is a wonderful boxer! Rosa mulls that over then remembers that Guachin is her friend and Oso is her boss. But as Guachin explains La Zorra, Rosa frowns, without recollection.

Eva almost throws up in her mouth. She looks in her diary, wondering…We nod, knowingly. Oso calls Ringo and tells him that Rosa came out of the coma as Teresa thanks God.

However, she is suffering from bouts of amnesia. Sometimes she recognizes them but then she doesn’t. The doctor said it would take time for her to fully recuperate and will stay there for a few days. Oso then worries about Rafa since he will have his match with Alejo soon, so Ringo assures him that he will supervise Rafa.

Oso then calls Rafa to tell him that Rosa is out of the coma and the match with Alejo is on! Guevera is training Alejo. Susana comes to tell him that he has an appointment with her doctor’s friend the next day.

After they leave, Rafa arrives and tells Alejo that Rosa is out of her coma. As Alejo wonders who will train him since Oso will be with Rosa, Ringo approaches and responds “me!” Alejo punches the bag very hard and looks quite serious. Julia gets a call from Oso who gives him an update. Julia will go over as soon as she can.

Turco goes to see the leader of Jar Gutana and tells him that he saw him on TV and he need his help. The “spiritual leader” tells him that they will help him if he is willing to give up his materialistic life and join them on their spiritual journey. Turco agrees.

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Ringo is training Rafa when Guachin offers to help. Rafa wonders why Guachin doesn’t go to Luchis. Guachin doesn’t want to leave until Rosa recovers completely…and Luchis will have to do without him…she went alone anyways. Eva tells Max that she is “late” and worried. Max suggests that they go and get her a pregnancy test.

Susana goes up to Guevera. She wants him to see the doctor at his appointment the next day. After she assures him that she will keep his condition a secret from his friends, Guevara tells her that he is not going to the appointment.

The leader of the religious group tells Turco that in order to stop suffering, he needs to forget that he is Turco Nasif the boxer. He must follow the path of the poor and spirituality. Turco agrees because he wants his pain to end.

The “leader” tells him that he will be referred to as Brother Ariel. Turco changes into the obligatory cult-like obligatory white robe and is taken to a purifying bath.

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