Brazilian Legendary Ronaldinho Tests Positive for Coronavirus.

Brazilian Legendary Ronaldinho

Ronaldinho has been battling with a virus whose first case was reported in Wuhan China in December last year. The covid19 virus was declared a world pandemic by WHO. Covid19 has continued to ravage lives in the whole world, today we woke up with sad news that Brazilian legend Ronadhino has tested positive for the virus.

Ronaldinho tests positive just a few weeks after he was released from prison in Paraguay.Reports reaching our source, from a trusted source that’s state that the Brazilian legend went to his Instagram page where he confirmed that he had tested positive for the virus.

Ronaldinho returned to his hometown Belo, Brazil where he tested positive for the virus. Reports show that the star is asymptomatic and he is currently under isolation in a Brazilian city. However, in a message, the football legend said “I have been here BH since yesterday.

Brazilian Legendary Ronaldinho
Brazilian Legendary Ronaldinho Arrested

I came to participate in an event, where I took the tests and I tested positive for the covid19 virus. I’m now fine, asymptomatic but we will have to leave the event for later and soon we will be there together with a big hug.”

The Balloon d’or winner, was imprisoned in Paraguay in March this year. His imprisonment came after he tried to enter the country using illegal means that’s by use of a fake passport along with his brother. As a result of his attempt, his troubles began.

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Brazilian Legendary Ronaldinho
Brazilian Legendary Ronaldinho

Ronaldinho, the legendary was put under house arrest in Asuncion for five months and he was released on August 25th after he pleaded guilty to charges and he was released after paying £152000. We wish him a quick recovery. Thanks for reading this article kindly don’t forget to follow me, like, comment, and share it widely

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