Ringo Finale: Did You Enjoy The The Finale. Was It Satisfying? It Seemed A Bit Rushed But It Was Just Fine.

Ringo Finale

Julia enters Brenda’s room and wonders what is going on since the doctor is there. The doctor tells her that Brenda just woke up! After the doctor leaves, Brenda asks what happened to her; so, Julia explains how she was found in the ravine with a shot to her back. Brenda quickly responds that it was Bruno and continues to tell Julia how Bruno picked her up to take her to the notary. After she adds that Diego sent him, Julia tells her that Diego has been captured.

Ringo wonders what he should tell Santi. Oso doesn’t think he should tell him the truth; he should make up something. When Santi is older and finds out the truth, Ringo can explain. Alejo approaches and tells them that he has contacted the consulate and they will try to find out where Gloria is so that Ringo can call her.

He then explains how serious drug trafficking is…Gloria is sure to spend several years in prison. Ringo feels for Gloria…after all she is his son’s mother. Ringo then gets a call from Julia who tells him that Brenda is awake; so, he and Alejo take off to the hospital.

Ringo Finale

At the hospital, Julia tells Brenda that Alejo and Ringo are being beamed over; they were the ones who found her in the ravine. Brenda admits that has done so many bad things throughout her life; she needs to make up for it….and she will start with Julia whom she has hurt so much. She asks Julia to forgive her…she had never been so afraid in her life; she felt death so near.

When she adds that she needs to change, Julia is very happy to hear her say that. Just then Alejo and Ringo appear. While Alejo stays with Brenda, Ringo and Julia go out into the hall where Ringo tells her about Gloria. Julia also agrees that Ringo shouldn’t tell Santi the truth about Gloria. Since Santi is getting home soon, Ringo needs to beam over to his house.

Ringo quickly arrives home and goes in to see Santi who is working on his homework. When he asks about his mother, Ringo tells him that Gloria will not be returning…she met up with Turco in the States and has decided to stay with him. Santi sigh that Gloria left him alone. After Ringo assures him that he is not alone, Santi cries that his mother promised that she would never leave him. After Ringo tries to tell him that Gloria changed her mind, Santi cries out, “I hate her! I hate her! I never want to see her again!” as he hugs his father with tear-filled eyes.

Time passage—
Julia takes charge of the company;
– Rosa trains;
Ringo, Julia, and Santi play in the park;
– Max and Eva continue working and await their baby;
Ringo trains.

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Julia enters Brenda’s room and tells her that everything is paid and they can go home. Brenda tells her that she isn’t going home. She has already talked to Alejo and is going to give him a divorce so that he can start a new life; marrying him was just one of her whims. When Julia asks where she will go, Brenda replies that she is going to check in to the psychiatric clinic…it is what she needs.

Though she has been calm while in the hospital, Brenda knows that she is not well…there are things circling in her head which she doesn’t like. She has contacted the doctor and provided them with all her information. Julia cries that their father would be very proud of her. they embrace as Julia tells Brenda that she is very proud of her… it is a good decision.

At the club, Guachin and Susana watch Rosa train; they commend her on how much she has improved…soon she will be in tiptop shape. Oso approaches and asks for Ringo since they need to get going. Just then, Ringo arrives and tells him that his car is getting serviced. Guachin volunteers to take them in his new car…he has taken driving lessons and has his license!

Santi and Teresa discuss preparing a table for a celebration dinner.

Ringo Finale

Guachin shows Ringo and Oso his car and they take off to the weigh-in. Not sure where Guachin took lessons since he can get the car going…and he got a license. As they drive along, the car stalls; so, Ringo and Oso get out to check the engine which looks fine.

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A man drives by and recognizes Ringo/ Campeón. He stops and offers help…he will take them to the weigh-in. They leave poor Guachin to fend for himself.

Ringo and Oso quickly arrive at the weigh in where Guevara is waiting for them. Ringo’s opponent, El Ciclón, is introduced first, then Ringo. Meanwhile, Julia and Sandra watch the ceremony from Julia’s office.

El Ciclón weighs in within the weight limit as does Ringo. Afterwards, Ringo calls and Julia who tells him that he looked very handsome, Ringo tells her that he will pick her up at 8, he has a surprise for her. Julia reminds him that he has his fight the next day and he shouldn’t have distractions, but Ringo insists that this surprise can’t wait.

Diego is in prison and is met by Mancuso and his minions. Mancuso smirks as he tells Diego that he has a debt pending and adds, “Welcome to hell!” He advises Diego that nights are very long there; he’d better not close his eyes because he may get a surprise.

At night, Ringo goes to pick up Julia and chats with Elsa who is looking forward to his fight. Julia enters and Ringo salivates as he sees her in her satin red dress.

At Teresa’s house, everyone waits quietly and surprises Julia with their applause when she enters. Ringo tells her that since there is no one he can ask for her hand, he wants his friends, his mother and his son to accompany them so that they can be witnesses to what he wants to tell her.

As Julia nervously awaits, Ringo gets down on one knee and presents her with an engagement ring as he asks her to marry him. Julia asks Santi what he think so Santi tells her “Tell him yes!” Julia turns to Ringo and says, “YES! I do want to marry you!” Ringo stands and envelops her in her arms as he kisses her.

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Later, as they celebrate with friends and family, Julia tells Ringo that she was very surprised…she had even been wondering when he was going to propose. Ringo assures her that she is the love of his life. At the other end of the table, Oso teases that Rosa was the one who declared her love for him first…he will tell that to his grandchildren and great-grandchildren; he will live for many years since Rosa injected him with the potion of youth.

Teresa makes a toast to her son who is going to live his life with the woman he loves…Julia, a very good person who deserves to be happy. She also wants to toast for Ivan and Manuel; she is sure that if they were there, they’d be just as happy as they are.

Diego Ringo Finale

The night of the fight arrives. The commentators mention that El Ciclón is favored to win, but Ringo may surprise everyone and make history for Mexico if he wins the world championship. The crowd cheers and waves the Mexican flag.

In the dressing room, Ringo prays, then Oso leads them in their club cheer. Teresa arrives at the fight since Renato convinced her. Julia assures her not to worry if Ringo gets hit…he has told her that he doesn’t even feel them.

The ring announcer introduces El Ciclón, who has won 39 fights with 27 of them being knockouts. He then introduces Ringo who has had 41 matches and only two losses. All the Oso clan is there cheering him on as he comes to the ring. Instructions are given to the two boxers and the fight starts.

They start jabbing and Ringo gets in one strong right jab. Ringo knocks him. We see Ringo holds up his title as the Oso clan carries him and cheers. Ringo walks to Julia with a bruised face and gives her some powerful kiss…..THIS BRINGS US to the END of OUR LOVELY NOVELLA.

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