Next on Ring: Ringo and Alejo find Brenda’s Phone as The Cops Arrive.


Gloria gets a call from her slimy boss; he needs to see her the next morning. When Gloria goes looking for Santi, she can’t find him anywhere. Alejo arrives at Julia’s house at the same time that Ringo does.

Julia wouldn’t be too worried about Brenda, but since Brenda was set on revoking Diego’s authority, she fears that Diego may have done something to her. When she suggests calling the cops, Alejo reminds her that they can’t do anything until she is missing for 72 hours. Ringo then asks Julia to tell them everything that Brenda said to Julia the night before.

Eva shows Max’s pictures of his parents. When he sees her parent’s wedding picture, he suggests that they get married just like her father hoped they would. Max gets down on one knee and proposes…again. Eva agrees…and she will get married in a white dress! Just then, Santi enters and tells Eva that he is very sad that her father died.

When he tells her that they will never see him again, Eva tells him that is what happens when someone dies and adds that they just need to go on with their lives…and know that he will always be in their hearts.Gloria is at Teresa’s house looking for Santi. Teresa chides her for losing Santi again and thinks that this is just another of Gloria’s ploys to snare Ringo.

After Gloria leaves, Teresa calls Ringo and tells him that Gloria lost Santi again. Ringo goes to look for Santi and Julia and Alejo will go see Diego. Ringo beams over to Turco’s house and questions Gloria about what she could have said to Santi to make him leave. Just then Eva brings Santi back so Ringo thanks her.

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Ringo reminds Santi that he has told him not to go out alone and asks him to promise not to do it again. After Santi is sent to his room, Gloria comments that Santi always listens to Ringo and thinks that Ringo should be there with them so they can live as a family. Ringo sternly reminds her that IT AIN’T HAPPENIN’! Gloria hisses that he can go with Julia, but Santi will stay with her.

After Ringo leaves, Gloria huffs like a mad bull. Julia and Alejo arrive at Diego’s office and ask him for Brenda. Diego scoffs that he wouldn’t know…she stood him up at the notary’s office. Julia is sure he did something to her since she was going to revoke his authority, but Diego feigns ignorance.

Next on Ring: Ringo and Alejo find Brenda’s Phone as The Cops Arrive. 1

When Julia accuses him of making Brenda disappear, Diego warns her that he can sue her for defamation. When Alejo interjects, Diego chides him since Alejo had already expressed that he wanted nothing to do with the Garay family. Julia threatens that if Diego did something to Brenda, she will make sure he rots in jail.

Santi is worried that he caused problems between his parents. Gloria tells him that he did and he will have to do help her fix it. He will have to tell his father that he wants them to be together. At Rosa’s apartment, Guachin tells Rosa that the boss really loves her…he has really fought for her—writing songs, following her to the ends of the earth, and taking care of her when she was in the hospital.

When he asks what else she wants, Rosa agrees that Oso is a good man. Ringo is back at Julia’s house and calls Teresa to tell her that Santi was found. Julia and Alejo are also back; so, Julia shares that they got nowhere with Diego. When Ringo asks if Brenda had her phone with her, Julia confirms that she did; so, Ringo asks her to bring Brenda’s laptop…he might have a phone locator on it.

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While they wait, Alejo and Ringo discuss getting custody of Santi; Alejo will submit the request the next day. Julia brings the laptop, but they have trouble getting figuring out the password. Julia suggests “Ringo” since Brenda was obsessed with him. And VOILA they’re in. Ringo then accesses the Find my Phone app and locates the phone.

Alejo will call Commander Padilla for help. Guachin thanks Rosa for listening to him. After he leaves, Rosa remembers that her dinner with Osothat where he told her she is his inspiration…and that he loved her. Meanwhile, at Oso’s place, Rafa knows that Oso misses Rosa. Just then, Rosa calls Rafa and asks him not to say it’s her.

She wants Rafa to take Oso out of the apartment for a while…she wants to give Oso a surprise, Out in the woods, Ringo and Alejo find Brenda’s phone as the cops arrive. They start yelling out for her and start searching the area. After a few minutes, one of the cops yells out since he found traces of blood.

Oso returns home to find a candlelit path to his bedroom. He enters to find Rosa sitting on his bed. She tells him that she loves him; he tells her that he loves her too…she is the love of his life…and the kiss The Next DayOso is humming and shaking his bootie as he makes breakfast.


After Rosa comes out of the bedroom and sits down, Oso tells her that he wants to wake up with her every day for the rest of his life. Rafa enters and wonders why Rosa is there so early; so, Oso tells him that he invited her to breakfast. As Rafa sits down, he asks Rosa is he can already call her “mother.”Julia wakes up on the couch and wonders why they haven’t called her…she has a bad feeling.

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Out in the woods, the search is still on. The commander tells Alejo that there are no signs of Brenda so he is going to call for reinforcements. Gloria drops off Santi as school and tells the teacher that no one is to pick up Santi unless she authorizes it.

At Oso’s place, Rosa smiles as she gets used to calling Oso, “Oscar.” When she tells him that she needs to leave, he tells her that he will never let her go. As he sweet-talks her, the therapist arrives and explains the treatment she will give Rosa.

Out in the woods, Alejo yells out that he found Brenda’s phone; so, they start yelling out to Brenda. At Oso’s place, the therapist starts the treatment.

Out in the woods, we see Brenda lying by a tree. Soon after, Ringo spots her and yells out that he found her. She’s still ALIVE!!! Alejo and Ringo take off their jackets and cover her to keep her warm as Alejo urges her to hold on.

In a flash, the ambulance is there and Brenda is taken to hospital. Ringo calls Julia and tells Julia that they found Brenda but she is in bad shape…she was shot. Julia rushes off to the hospital.

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