I foresee a revolution. The rise of Hustlers against the Dynasties.

Murathe, Atwoli & Beth Mugo, who are they speaking for? The Dynasties. The people who think this country belongs to them and that leadership is their right.

Hon. Alice Wahome, who is she speaking for, DP Ruto? NO. Wahome is speaking for the Hustler Nation.

She is speaking on behalf of Millions of Kenyans who for the last 56years have been used as voting robots.

So 2022, Raila will be the president then Uhuru prime minister because Uhuru is still young?

The constitution clearly says, two terms for a president is enough. Only the greedy for power, Despots & Dictators overstay in power!

If they think, 2022 will be a walk in the park and that the campaigns will fueled by ethnic groupings, then they are in for a shock!

2022 will be hustlers vs dynasties.  The son of a NO Body vs The Sons of the Big 3 together with their sympathizers.

We are Hustlers & Hustler Nation is Our Business.

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