It Has Not Been Easy! Rev Natasha Won Against All Odds

It has not been easy to settle the sanctuary at the City of Nairobi. Despite the process costing finances and social efforts, the seen and unseen forces have been tempting to interfere.

Rev Natasha, the senior overseer of Empowerment Christian church confirmed to have always gone down her knees to ask God for guidance.

Rev Natasha believes that prayer is the meeting point point between divinity and humanity. She has been seeking heavenly intervention amid trials and victory.

Rev Natasha
Rev Natasha

Maybe nobody would have believed that a successful pastor would rise from a deserted region in Kenya [Mathare slums]. Many people outside and inside the slums should never degrade their potential since many have succeeded through hard work.

Rev Natasha shares a flashback time when the ministry was building a foundation. During those days there was no signs of success. Getting a ministerial team was also difficult since not everyone would agree to waste time and efforts with no financial gain.

There came several individuals whom Rev Natasha refers them as Samaritans. This is loyalists who stood with her in the critical moment. They offered unending social support and finances.

Rev Natasha
Rev Natasha

During these particular moments, there was no crown of an international ministry. They used to walk around the area preaching on roadsides and home areas. Whenever they had to take the gospel outside the region, the only option was to use public transport of which was favorable.

The ministry never lost hope but proceeded in winning many souls for God. Through Gods grace and favor, the ministry settled at 680 hotel in the City. This was the first big achievement they made. It began by conducting a single service in a week often referred to as Miracle Monday.

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The phenomenal preacher used most of her time in international services. This was through global tours, church conferences and an institution visits.

Rev Natasha

Now the ministry stands at its heels, a strong unshakable foundation. During the coronavirus crisis, the ministry through its branch, Natasha hand of compassion was able to feed thousands of families affected heavily during the difficult moments. A strong gesture of love and kindness to the poor.

The ministry now celebrates to have settled in a permanent place at the big city of Nairobi. The church location is located at the junction of Moi avenue and Biashara street opposite clarion hotel. Services happen in different days in the week.

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