Rev Natasha Reaches out to Families in Beirut, Lebanon

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Moved by the blast that happened a few days ago which displaced over three hundred thousand families, The Natasha Hands of Compassion took the initiative of mobilizing funds and sending timely assistance to the Lebanese people.

Through her team on the ground, hundreds of families were reached through the house to house the distribution of food packs. The team also visited those injured and recuperating at various hospitals.


This global social outreach program has seen thousands of families reached in over 17 nations with preliminary work being done on others. The Natasha Hands of Compassion has made a great impact in nations such as Lahore, Pakistan where the team did an amazing mass distribution of food packs. In Punjab, India the team has done several outreaches as mass distribution and house to house.


The Natasha Hands of Compassion Team in Manila, Philippines coordinated a mass distribution program and also street outreach. Across the nations of the world many families have found themselves going through hard economic times, no income, and having a meal to many becomes an impossible task.

This has precipitated Rev Natasha, the Oracle of God to lead from the front in being a source of happiness to these families.


As the whole world goes through a trying time, key leaders such as Rev Natasha inspire many with hope, compassion and an assurance that together we are stronger and together we will be victorious.


This global outreach programs continue concurrently with local activities which have seen thousands of families receive much-needed food supplies. Rev Natasha has made an indelible mark in social outreach and inspired the next generation of leaders that love is demonstrated through giving.


Written by Tony Mballa

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