Rev Natasha : Popular Richest Pastor Trying To stop COVID-19 Effects

Thousands of families reached this week as the Natasha Hand of Compassion Team continued its home to home distribution of food packs within the slums.

The ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic has resulted in families passing through hard economic times and getting a meal to many becomes such a difficult thing. In demonstrating the love of Christ to her generation, Rev Natasha, the Oracle of God has chosen to lead from the front in being a source of happiness to families living in slums and informal settlements.

In her words, ” I cannot fold my hands when we have families and especially children are struggling to have a meal.” Her Social outreach measures have been well received by the families , properly coordinated by her team and has been an example of Compassion leadership within the society at large.

Such kind efforts go a big way in dealing with the challenges that our people are going through.

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