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Rev Natasha Passion In Serving God Is Undisputable

Rev Natasha Passion In Serving God Is Undisputable

Popular celebrated preacher one Rev Natasha alias Oracle of God is leading a ministry facing backlash from enemies of progress who rather put her on the receiving end.

Despite unnecessary attacks, she is still prospering and gaining more followers on a daily basis. This proves that she is inspiring a wider section of the social media users than the critics opposed to her ministry.

Rev Natasha has been using social media as a tool to spread the gospel of God.

Rev Natasha is on recording for giving a hand in times of crisis especially when the dangerous pandemic stuck our country.

She acted as documented in the bible on how the true church that believes in Christ should intercede in times of crisis.

The phenomenal preacher became a beacon of hope to thousands of less privileged families, vulnerable and low-income earners.

Rev Natasha Passion In Serving God Is Undisputable

Nevertheless, she visited a renowned Kamba celebrity who was crying for help from the public but receiving attacks.

She gifted her over 50K and later fundraised 100k through her official live Facebook platform. She is a kind-hearted woman who knows the way, shows the way, and goes the way.

She has visited many countries across the globe sharing the word of God and winning many souls for Christ. Rev Natasha believes that she is called and anointed to tailor the youthful generation that has dominated on the social media.

Despite many rebellious scenes, the city preacher is continuing with the gospel outreach ministry with great passion.

Rev Natasha Passion In Serving God Is Undisputable

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