Rev Natasha feeds hundreds of street families

Rev Natasha leaves a mark in the hearts of street families after cooking for them.

She continues to inspire many with her kindness, generosity and compassion. This weekend saw her cook lunch for Street Families and shared a meal with them. In demonstrating servant hood and love for all, Rev Natasha, known by many for her famous preaching clips, well dressed church workers, global recognition took time to host street families for a meal.

It was heart warming seeing her serve hot dishes, share and inspire them and through this gesture bring a smile to the street families who for a long time are ignored, bypassed and ridiculed by some.

The street families also shared their touching story with her and she offered words of encouragement, prayer and made a commitment to continue being a blessing to them. She also distributed food stuffs to last them for three months which was well received with tremendous appreciation. As has been said, Through lighting one candle at a time, we make the world a brighter place.

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