Rev Natasha Calls For Peace In Uganda Amid Violent Clashes

Rev Natasha Calls For Peace In Uganda Amid Violent Clashes

Kenyan Preacher has condemned police brutality witnessed in the past few days in Uganda. She is urging the Nation’s government to maintain peace and Stability amidst political tension. The city preacher has urged police to maintain sobriety as they handle civilians to avoid continued deaths and injuries.

However, Rev Natasha says that the government should be responsible for its netizens during crucial times especially during the presidential campaign which has already begun.

Apparently the city cleric has extended sympathy to the victims of the deadly violence and their families as she called for an end to the violence in the East African country

She has also defended the church citing that It is important, that church leaders make an unwavering commitment to stand against all forms of abuse, and undertake clear steps to prevent domestic violence within their own faith community.

Peace In Uganda

As the scuffle continues, leaders have continued to stand in solidarity with their loved ones who are experiencing the aftermaths of dangerous violence.

Museveni, 76, is eligible to seek another term next year after lawmakers removed constitutional age limits on the presidency. The former rebel leader’s party insists he remains its most popular member.

Uganda has never witnessed a peaceful transfer of power since independence in 1962.

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