Rev Lucy Natasha Big Plan on This Christmas holiday

Rev Natasha Has Won Battles Through Prayer

Reverend Natasha is one of the influential women of God in Kenya and Africa at large. She is the founder of the Empowerment Christian center International in Nairobi Kenya.

Empowerment Christian center International in Nairobi Christmas holiday Big Plan

The woman of God has a great understanding of and unique understanding of the word of God where she has been of great motivation and hence drawing many people into her ministry.

Rev Natasha Big Plan on This Christmas holiday
Rev Natasha Big Plan on This Christmas holiday

Apparently, through her social media platforms, the vocal preacher has promised to support the less privileged during the Christmas season by continuing with her outreach program.

This food distribution program has been happily received and one can tell from the smiles of the needy family in the past days that it means a lot to them.

During this difficult time that we as a country and the world at large is struck by the pandemic, most people even end up dying of hunger due to stoppage of all economic activities and that means continual suffering until an unknown day when we shall be free from the virus and go back to normal search of livelihoods and survival.

At such a time, Natasha hand of compassion that thinks of sharing with those who completely do not have is indeed blessed. This is a time when one is not sure of the next time they are going to see food again.

And from Rev Natasha’s generosity, she was showered with a lot of God’s blessings from the people and that was also a good show from her.

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The Natasha Hand of Compassion Team led by Rev. Natasha last week showered the less privileged in such difficult moments a symbol of true church. She ever gave gifts and food packs to many Kenyans during these trying times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rev Natasha Big Plan on This Christmas holiday
Rev Natasha Big Plan on This Christmas holiday

The noble Team, has showed love and kindness through the process

The Natasha Hand of compassion has been at the forefront of helping out during these periods through providing foodstuffs for the less privileged and the most vulnerable in the slum areas.

As the Natasha Hand of Compassion team continues with its Project Appreciate Kenyans from less fortunate families, they remain humbled by the gratitude as they are motivated to continue lighting that spark of appreciation in their hearts.

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