Rev Lucy Natasha Celebrates Ministry Impact On The social Platform

Celebrated Kenyan Preacher Rev Lucy Natasha is delighted to have the privilege to command millions on social media. She admits this glamorous side as a ladder to reaching out to millions through the gospel outreach.

Having such following is not easy since it comes with a price, constant content, determination, hardwork and resilience.

Rev Lucy Natasha has managed to create a rapport with followers with her consistent live video streaming sessions of sermons and video uploads.

Rev Lucy Natasha

The phenomenal preacher is celebrating over 30 million viewership on YouTube with over 230K subscribers.

Apparently Rev Natasha has been using this social network to preach and share the gospel of God She maintains to be a generational preacher called to tailor this digital generation. However the only field this larger population can be traced is on the social network.

During live sessions on Sundays and weekly services, thousands across the globe steam into Follow the live services. Rev Natasha is excited to have touched millions of souls through the touch of a button.

Summary of Rev Lucy Natasha YouTube Viewership 2021

250,000 Subscribers
30,671,525 Million views
Over 3.6 million hours watched
Impacted every country globally
Touching 75% of Youths

“Subscribe and remain connected with us on YouTube and be blessed by hundreds of uplifting sermons and prayers.”

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