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Facts About Rev Lucy Natasha BIOGRAPHY That You NEVER Knew

Rev Lucy Natasha BIOGRAPHY

Rev Lucy Natasha alias ‘Oracle Of God’ is one of the most dynamic and influential young female preachers in Africa. Rev Natasha is the founder member and overseer of Miracle Monday service situated at 680 hotel, Nairobi.

She was born on 24th of July though she has never shared details of her birth year. She was born in a family of 3 alongside her brother Shafique and Sister Shipra. They were all brought up in Huruma, Eastlands.

Natasha schooled at Umoja for her lower studies.

Despite her being in a humble background, she worked as a promoter and merchandiser in one of the supermarkets during her school holidays. She later went to further her higher learning education in South Africa where she pursued Public Relations and theology.

In a past interview, she recalls her early stage where she used to stammer, a scenario which could block her dream. Her mother took the initiative of inviting preachers to pray for her.

At the age of 19, Rev Lucy Natasha says, a certain preacher foresaw a prophet in the homestead. After consistent prayers, the revelation came to pass and she began speaking frequently leading a lot of preachings and ministerial sermons.

Cosondiered Nairobi’s hottest pastor, Rev Natasha lives a flashy life with a lot of expensive cars and a private jet. She has been using them to travel across the country to preach the gospel.

She has also won an award in Accra, Ghana due to her great job in the Natasha Hand of Compassion which helps reach the less privileged, challenged and hopeless in the society

Rev Natasha’s well-dressed church workers exude excellence and one would think her kingdom hostess are members of the major cabin crew.

She has travelled to over 100 countries in the world giving messages of hope and restoration.

Here are facts you didn’t know about the youthful and prettiest Nairobi pastor.

1. Born in Huruma

Rev Lucy Natasha was born and raised up in Huruma Nairobi. She schooled in neighboring Umoja estate for her primary and secondary education before proceeding to South Africa for her university studies.

2. Raised by a single parent

Natasha says that she was raised by her mother as she (mother) separated from her dad while she was still young.

3. Firstborn

Rev Lucy Natasha is the first born in a family of three girls.

4. Ordained in 2011

Natasha was ordained as Reverend in 2011 after completing he theology studies in South Africa.

5. Calling

Natasha received her calling to be a reverend through a dream when she was 19 years.

She hails from a family of reverends.

“My grandmother was a reverend and my mum too is a reverend, so we are a family dedicated to serving God,” she says.

6. She is single

Reverend Natasha is single and says she is still waiting on God to give her the right man for marriage. “I look forward to settling down soon and have children,” Reverend Natasha says.

8. She likes traveling

Reverend Natasha says that she has traveled in over 30 countries across the world preaching the Gospel.

9. Author

Apart from preaching, Reverend Natasha is an author having written several books on Christian teachings.

10. Fashion enthusiast

Reverend Natasha also does modeling and has interests in fashion.

Reverend Natasha says that her mission is to take the Gospel to every corner of the world and prepare Christians for the second coming of Christ

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