How to Register for the NHIF Linda Mama Package

NHIF Linda Mama Package

All Kenyan pregnant women are eligible for the Free Maternal Services (FMS) through the NHIF Linda Mama program. Once this requirement is met, you can simply complete your registration for this package by following these steps.

  1. Dial *263# and pick the language that you would like to proceed with
  2. Select ‘NHIF Registration’ from the pop-up menu that appears
  3. On the next pop-up menu, select ‘Free Maternity’ as the scheme
  4. Then proceed to choose your identity type, either Kenyan ID, Antenatal Card, Passport, or Alien Card to complete the registration process
  5. On successful registration, an NHIF Linda Mama membership card will be issued which you can visit an NHIF branch to collect
NHIF Linda Mama Package
Linda Mama Package

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