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Revealed: ODM Leader Raila Odinga Saved Uhuru Life In 2018

Raila Odinga

“I WILL tell you again. Raila Odinga saved Uhuru Kenyatta’s life. Fact which you are probably the only one who doesn’t know”

A controversial lawyer by the name Wahome Thuku has come out on his Face book account, with damning allegations of an attempted assassination of President Uhuru Kenyatta by some powerful individuals within His government.

This was way back in 2018, and that`s why the president is in a good relationship with the former prime minister, who He owes His life. He alleges that were it not for Raila Odinga, probably they would have succeeded in their evil plot.

This was supposedly arranged while the president was on His tour of Nyanza Region where Raila Odinga was His host. At that time the president was expected to board a plane back to Nairobi and suddenly without the knowledge of His security, He had a change of mind and drove away in the company of Raila Odinga.

This is where it is believed Raila alerted Him of the impending danger. And thus the hurried decision of abandoning the plane and disappearing into Kisumu town. (the above sequence of events may have come from a source am not allowed to quote).

These stories coming out right now may lack credibility, especially with the fallout that has already taken place within Jubilee, and everyone is coming out with all manner of allegations. Some may ask how is it that Raila was able to know of the impending occurrence, but without delving much into detail, grapevine has it that Raila is blessed with psychic abilities and it’s a gift that runs within His family.

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