Raila Odinga Is Mourning Again Hours After Returning to Kenya from Dubai.

Raila Odinga Is Mourning

The ODM leader Raila Odinga arrived back in the country on Sunday. The AU Special envoy made a quiet return in order to ensure that he’s supporters don’t turn up in large number hence flouting the Ministry Of health directives.

Raila Odinga has already swung into action and he will continue to perform his duties from His Karen Home and not Capital Hill Offices

Today Former Premier has sent his heartfelt condolences on behalf of his family and Republic of Kenya to People of South Africa for the demise of Zindzi Mandela. Zindzi good work and commitment to serving the Continent and People of South Africa will continue generation to come

AU Special envoy believes Zindzi Mandela was born to fight for the right especially for the simple but important things many often take for granted: freedom, justice, honor, duty, hope; thrust into the struggles of Madiba and Winnie against Apartheid, she didn’t wait.

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