Why Many Kenyans Believe Raila Odinga Is Dead Politically.

Raila Odinga

Good evening Kenyans, am not a prophet nor an Angel but I know Raila Odinga will not see the kingdom of Statehouse even if he uses Witchcraft from Nigeria.

In 2017 I remember telling you people that Raila Odinga will never be a President of Kenya but you called me names. What happened? I thank God because Jubilee we trounced Odm whereby Raila Odinga was representing ODM Party.

Raila is now turned to be a political toddler by President Uhuru Kenyatta and he will not manage to get even votes from Nyanza where he hails from.

In fact, if Raila will appear on the ballot paper come 2022 he will be number 5 if not 6 since numbers of Kenyans are totally disappointed by him because he is a Selfish man who is doing stomach Politics.

Raila Odinga

Raila Odinga used to yell around that he is taking his confused followers to a promised Land but now he is busy following Uhuru Kenyatta who he was calling names in 2017. What changed? I want those perplexed youths who purport to support Raila Odinga to answer my questions.

  1. What happened about the Canaan journey?
  2. Who is the opposition leader?
  3. How old is Raila and what has he done for the people of Nyanza and Kenyans in general apart from the unnecessary demonstrations?
  4. Why can’t Raila Odinga Support Kalonzo as they agreed in 2013?
  5. Where is the reggae?

From Gusii, we don’t want Raila because in 2002 he betrayed the son of soil Mzee Simon Nyachae who was to be the President of Kenya. For sure Gusii People can’t forget that and they will strongly oppose Raila Odinga until the last minute.

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The so-called ODM Supporters it’s your time to go back to the drawing board and rethink. You can’t support a Selfish man who is using you to reach his personal interest. Raila Odinga is now smiling while you are struggling on the streets.

Lastly, I want you to bank this. Raila Odinga will never be a President of Kenya Oginga Odinga Contested but he went without called a President. Raila has contested, he is contesting and he will contest but he will go without called a President of Kenya and the history will remain called my bae.

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