‘I Am As Consistent As I Have Ever Been’ Raila Odinga Speaks of His Tough Experiences After The Handshake.

Raila Odinga

The former prime minister and opposition leader Raila Odinga speaking with the nation in an exclusive interview at capital Hill talked of may issues surrounding the nation and how life has been on him since he went into an agreement with President Uhuru Kenyatta in a handshake in 2018 after the hotly contested General elections that he lost.

Raila Odinga admits that it is never an easy time for him, more so the turnaround of events over the last couple of months has made it even harder for him. The high political temperatures, the economic slowdown mainly brought by the Covid-19 pandemic, mega corruption scandals among other issues affecting the country have given him sleepless nights.

He has been accused of going to bed with the Government that messed everything Kenyans are complaining about. His critics have said that in his silence he is a beneficiary of all the happenings. But he insists to be remaining loyal to the agreement with President Kenyatta after the March 2018 handshake. Odinga had earlier made a public swearing-in ceremony as the ‘people’s president’ at Uhuru park that lead to more division in the country.

Raila Odinga

Raila Odinga says he is still the same man he has been over the past 4 decades and will always advocate on what he believes is right, “I have not changed. I have never changed. I am as consistent as I have ever been,” Raila Odinga said.

Even though everything seems to be well taken care of by the government of the day around the veteran politician, Raila Odinga says, the only one difference between now and then is how he communicates with the government, “Now I talk to government and government listens.” he said.

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Raila Odinga says he has nothing against Dr. Ruto, he spares no word him adding that if he was Dr. Ruto, he would resign from the government since he is not happy with the happenings. His closest allies 13 years ago are now eying presidency come 2022 and he is ready to do anything to see that come to a reality. 

Ruto- Raila Odinga

Raila Odinga says Dr. Ruto is supposed to be the assistant to the president, but he is missing in action. He has not been sidelined, he just chooses to leave and abandon public functions by himself. 

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