With Ngiritas’ Out, See Why Raila is a Potential Co-Suspect in Junet’s NYS Graft Case.

NYS Graft Case scandal

The indictment of Minority Whip Junet Mohammed, a well-known right-hand man, and confidant of Raila Odinga, in the NYS Graft Case Scandal 1 validates calls by a section of Jubilee leaders to probe the possible involvement of the Former Prime Minister in this blatant theft of public money that saw Sh. 1.9 Billion disappear in thin air in a matter of days.

It will be recalled that he EACC investigation into the involvement of Junet Mohammed and his relatives in the NYS looting was instigated by a complaint made by Kikuyu MP Hon Kimani Inchung’wa accusing the Suna East Legislator of being behind theft of Sh. 129 Million NYS money acting as a proxy for ODM Party Leader Raila Odinga. The complaint was made on Tuesday 29th November 2016.

On the same day, Hon Ichung’wa along with other Jubilee Party Law Makers called for investigations on Raila’s involvement in the theft of NYS millions. Ichung’wa noted that Junet Mohammed’s brother-in-law Hassan Noor Hassan who was at the center of the NYS Graft Case scandal was a well-known associate of Raila and it is possible some of the lost millions may be traced to the Opposition Leader.

“It is in the public domain that Hassan Noor, a key suspect in the NYS racket, is a long-time aide of Mr Odinga. Indeed, as PM, Odinga forwarded Noor’s name to various committees… to represent his interests,” said Mr Ichung’wa.

As a Prime Minister, Raila appointed Mr. Noor, then the Rift Valley provincial commissioner, to chair the controversial a task force on the Mau Forest. This and the long-standing history of Raila and Mr. Noor and the involvement of his close ally Hon Junet in the NYS looting was cited to justify the suspicion that Mr. Odinga may have been a beneficiary of NYS Graft Case scandal.

Of course, Junet vehemently denied all these allegations and any involvement in the theft of NYS millions. But now it seems Hon Kimani Ichung’wa’s claims have been vindicated as it is now beyond doubt that Junet Mohammed and his companies as well as relatives were involved in siphoning millions of money out of NYS using dubious deals and schemes.

NYS Graft Case scandal

EACC investigations have so far confirmed that Zeigham Enterprises Ltd to which Junet Mohammed was founder shareholder and director in July 2012, was awarded an Sh. 21.8 Million tenders by NYS in a blatant conflict of interest as Hassan Noor Hassan, his brother-in-law, was the effective ministerial Tender Committee Chairperson.

Once NYS paid Zeigham the Sh. 21.8 Million, the company wired Sh. 20.67 Million to Murhak Enterprises which belongs to Hassan Noor and his wife, Junet’s sister, Meymuna Sheikh Nuh. Murhak Enterprises then wired Junet Mohammed Ksh. 5 Million through his company Alfallah Wholesalers to which he is both shareholder and director.

Hon Junet Mohammed is at pains to explain why he was a beneficiary of moneys received from NYS for dubious tenders awarded by his brother-in-law Hassan Noor to Zeigham, a company associated with him and his brother Hussein Mohammed Haji. Specifically, Junet has to explain why he received Ksh. 5 Million from a company associated with Noor and his sister from proceeds from NYS money.

Besides Junet, allegations were also made that ODM chairman and Minority Leader John Mbadi, like Mr. Mohammed, was also a beneficiary of the NYS contracts. In particular, former Majority Leader Aden Duale alleged that two companies associated with Mr. Mbadi, namely, Takawiri Ltd and Omos Supplies Ltd, as having participated in the NYS Graft Case scandal deals.

NYS Graft Case scandal

In response, Mr. Mbadi told Daily Nation“Of the two companies Mr. Duale mentioned, I only have an association with Takawiri Limited. But the company went dormant in 2011, way before the current saga of NYS that began in earnest in 2013 or thereabouts.” Duale’s claims are yet to investigated to this day.

In the interest of fighting corruption and in the spirit of the handshake which acknowledges graft as an existential threat to our country, there must be no sacred cows. It is incumbent on anti-graft authorities to leave no stones unturned in the pursuit of truth. There is need to investigate whether or not Rt. Hon Raila Odinga may have been involved in any way directly or by proxy in the looting of NYS Billions.

The brazen involvement of Raila’s close lieutenants Hon Mbadi and Hon Junet should provoke no-holds-barred probe to establish who were the main actors and who were their accomplices in stealing of the NYS monies. Until we can connect all the dots by religiously following the NYS Graft Case scandal money trail to the end, everyone should be treated as a potential suspect in the NYS heist, even Raila Odinga.

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