‘Stop Investigations Into Ksh 7 Billion KEMSA Scandal’, Raila Tells DPP.

KEMSA Scandal

Opposition leader Raila Odinga wants investigation in the Ksh 7 billion KEMSA scandal stopped saying no money was lost.
The scandal that has roped in President Uhuru Kenyatta’s relatives and two vocal ODM MPs has generated online uproar with Kenyans calling for accountability in the wake of rising CoviD 19 cases.

Raila waded into the KEMSA Scandal on Wednesday when he backtracked on his earlier stance on Revenue Sharing Formula that has now left President Uhuru Kenyatta an isolated man.

In defending the two MPs, the ODM leader justified the inflated cost of PPEs saying the prices had increased globally as a result of high demand.
Director of Public Prosecution Nurdin Haji has been conspicuously silent amid calls for arrest of the scandal mastermind.

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