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14 Memorable Quotes By Justice Marete Njagi.

Justice Marete Njagi Quotes

Justice Marete Njagi Quotes

  1. When I was born, it is the nurse who cried.
  2. I shall not tolerate anything less than CJ’s post from this panel.
  3. The voice of Kenyans is all over the air, it’s Marete they want, this is the man, the voice of Kenya.
  4. If that answer doesn’t satisfy you, you are free to go jump in the river.

5. In Primary I used to walk around with a page of the constitution.

  1. I have no mental issues, this was an error. I was warned about it by a colleague; I have never had time to have it addressed.
  2. I am a very bad driver. If you leave the car with me, I will have to carry it.
  3. I have answered the question, as to how satisfactory that answer is, that’s another question.
  4. I am capable of this job, even my coffee shamba boy will tell you I’m capable.
  5. My wife is a retiree, she takes her pension from the judiciary and eats it or throws it away.
  6. When what you ordered is exactly what you got served.
  7. I know my salary is public knowledge. My conception of income was anything apart from salary. My payslips are scattered all over.
  8. I’m the one who issued Mathare mental hospital with a mental illness card.
  9. I’m fit for the CJ role because even Kenyatta became Kenya’s President without any experience.
Justice Marete Njagi Quotes

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