How I Quit My Banking Job To Start Boda Boda Business…I Now Make Ksh.300,000 Per Month

Boda Boda Business

James is an entrepreneur who quit his well-paying banking job to start boda boda business. He now earns Ksh 300,000 per month from the business. This is James’ story.

“2013 was the year I decided to quit my banking job to pursue my personal interests. But before I resolved to call it quits, a lot had happened in my life. From what I experienced as a Banker, I won’t wish anyone to take up any banking job.

I used to work for Equity Bank and I was a teller. During my time, I was always up at 4:30 am and slept at 12:00am. In my house, I was a guest and my workstation turned to be my temporary home. I didn’t like the life.

Boda Boda Business

After working for Equity Bank for three years, I realized I wasn’t growing financially and socially. I was earning Ksh 55,000 ,money that was not enough to do a meaningful project. I took a loan of Ksh 250,000 and the only thing I did with it was to pay school fees for my siblings.

One day I decided to take a risk…to quit my job. But before I quit, I had to consult my friends and family members. The first person I consulted was my workmate, who, out of fear, discouraged me from quitting. I moved to the next, my mother.

“Mum, i want to quit my job”, that’s what I told her through a phone call.

She replied: ”my son, if you quit, what can we eat? I am currently diagnosed with pressure, if I see you suffering, I will die, please don’t quit”

Again, my mother’s answer wasn’t helpful. I was now desperate to look for someone who had undergone the same experience as mine and I was lucky one of my college mates, who quit his job to start a salon and SPA , was in line to help me. When I explained to her, she readily encouraged me to quit.

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Leaving a regular job is not easy, I can testify, but this time I was ready to risk but didn’t want my mother to get a hint I had quit. Two months later, after I carefully analyzed risks, capital requirement and profit margins, I decided to experiment on boda boda business. I needed quick money, which is why I though boda boda would give me regular income.

Boda Boda Business

I withdrew Ksh120,000 I had in my account and bought one Boxer motor cycle from a shop in Nairobi. I had done my research and determined where I could get maximum returns. I took my cousin who knew how to ride a boda boda, told him to operate at Kahawa Sukari. I took insurance policy and bought safety jackets and helmets. The capital for this business was Ksh150,000.

For the first time, I was surprised how quickly one can make money. I regretted wasting time as a banker. The first week into starting the Boda Boda Business, I managed to make Ksh 5, 000, that is after I had my cousin and catered for other expenses. It took me 6 months to add another boda boda.

By last year, 2018, I had a total of 6 boda boda , and each was earning upwards of Ksh 600 per day. Today, I am able to make up to Ksh.300,000 per month and the number of boda boda under my name has increased to 12. I don’t regret the step I took, I actually regret the years I worked for Equity

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