WHO is Babu Owino- PAUL ONGILI

WHO is Babu Owino- PAUL ONGILI 1

His real name is Paul ongili, son of Doris Apiyo. His father is putni pugshu the famous business man in kisumu nyalenda selling motorcycle spare parts while babu’s mother Doris apiyo was working as a maid. Babu has two siblings boy and girl. His father divorced babu’s mother Doris apiyo when she gave birth to babu owino the Indian boy at nyalenda health center.

Babu’s mothers was selling chang’aa and busaa. Babu went to kisumu boys where he scored a C minus where he was selling bhang.

Babu owino accessed Nairobi in an offer from CID officer who killed a gang that worked with babu after a set up.

In Nairobi County babu started selling hard drugs. He joined Nairobi University not to study but expand his drugs business selling hard drugs to students.

In the university of Nairobi, babu joined students leadership through the support of drugs dealers.

Any student who opposed babu or knew of his dirty dealings was either suspended through babu influence, killed and dumped in swimming pool and university management did nothing.

Babu ruled in sonu not that he was liked by students but because he had a pending case of rape against university of Nairobi vice chancellor prof mbithi. It’s a case concerning mbithi having raped his niece.

Later on Babu owino who is currently 43 years old married to Frida Muthoni Wambua who happened to be the one who Babu owino uses to loot Embakasi East money through her proxy companies.

Before babu become an MP, he used to deal with fake gold and selling of albinos to Tanzanian who believed it cured HIV AIDs.

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Babu has so many ladies who are dying slowly with assault and rape. They have feared reporting to police station as babu uses impunity to silence them.

Babu is a known conman who has send many people especially the bankers in Kamiti and some rotting in industrial area over banking fraud.

Babu has been doing atrocities but the government is keeping quite.

Lastly share this massage to all Kenyans, all WhatsApp groups, Facebook and even Twitter to make Kenyans know who real babu owino is.

For more information ask Ndege serkal who babu owino disrespected after helping him become an MP. MDF will bring Babu down.

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