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How to Prohibit Mobile Loan Lending Apps From Getting to your phone contacts.

How to Prohibit Mobile Loan Lending Apps From Getting to your phone contacts.

Loan Lending Apps are known for accessing phone contacts and sending messages to your contacts after getting a loan.

It becomes worse since they will go through your phone book and call your contacts and send them messages too.

There are several tricks you can use to stop them from accessing your contacts. The tricks include :

1. Uninstall Loan Lending Apps.

Once you delete the respective apps, they will no longer use that permission because it’s gone from your system.

2. Deny Loan Lending Apps permissions.

When installing the apps on your phone, ‘permission’ is asked by the app for photos, messages, and contacts.

This means that the app will be able to access the contacts and messages.

Therefore, remember when installing the app read carefully what access you are providing to that particular app before you grant it permission to access your private details.

If accidentally you have granted the permission for the app, you can still deny it by going to settings >Permission>review the permission

Check the permission the particular app is having and deactivate it if you think that app should not have the access.

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