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Was Professor George Saitoti Really Assassinated?

Professor George Saitoti Assassination

According to an eye witness, there was smoke coming from the George Saitoti chopper moments before it crashed

Is it possible that a chopper that was test-flown all the way to Voi and back on a Friday and which successfully flew to and from Mombasa on a Saturday could suddenly crash within a span of 6 minutes after take-off on a Sunday morning?

These are key questions the George Saitoti investigators will have to answer.

Assuming that the report that Itere was the last person to have used the helicopter is credible, the implication is that from the Itere landing up to the final take-off on Sunday at 8.32 am, a total of 14 hours had elapsed.

If the George Saitoti helicopter was in good flying condition just fourteen hours before the fateful flight, what could have caused the serious problem that may have brought down the chopper?

According to an eye witness, there was smoke coming from the George Saitoti chopper moments before it crashed. Some conspiracy theorists have argued that there may have been an explosion on board that might have created the smoke.

The fact that both George Saitoti’s and Ojode’s bodies had their legs chopped off has been used to strengthen this theory by positing that a time-bomb may have been planted at a location below the area where the two Security ministers were seated. The view is that it is the explosion that ripped off the legs of the two Ministers.

Professor George Saitoti Assassination
Professor George Saitoti Assassination

Although George Saitoti’s Death theory could be credible, it loses a lot of marks with the established fact that at the time of the crash, the helicopter was already returning back to base following the detection of a mechanical problem by the pilots.

What investigators may have to find out is what could cause smoke to below from the engine of a helicopter soon after take-off.

According to some experts, this type of problem could be due to fuel overflow or disconnected wires. If two critical wires were disconnected, there could have been an electrical or engine malfunction which could ignite a fire in the engine causing smoke to blow out of the chopper in mid-air.

It is understood that a sudden bellowing of smoke from the engine can also be triggered by a mechanical failure or a fuel leak occasioned by a raptured fuel pipe.

Whatever the case, these are leads the investigators will have to investigate. If there was a fuel leak, was it caused by natural circumstances or a human element?

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