Prison Officer Arrested And Quarantined After Raping A Covid-19 Patient

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A prison officer who was busted raping a COVID-19 patient in Busia County has been disarmed, arrested and placed into mandatory quarantine.

He was part of the team of three police officers and three wardens from Busia prison deployed to keep guard at the Agricultural Training Centre, an isolation facility set aside by the Ministry of Health for coronavirus patients.

According to a police report, one of the officers on routine patrol at the facility on Thursday grew suspicious after he bumped into the suspect “engaging a patient”.

He went back to the guard room and alerted his colleagues who accompanied him back to the scene of the incident only to find the suspect and his victim missing.

They began rummaging through the building and, while at it heard a commotion coming from the women’s ward a few minutes into midnight.

They rushed there and found all the other patients outside “complaining that the prison officer was raping the said lady patient.”

Health officers were summoned to the scene and the officer was disarmed by senior colleagues from Busia Prison before being quarantined within the same facility.

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