The Meaning of Presidential Motorcade an Upside Down Number Plate

Presidential Motorcade an Upside Down Number Plate

Presidential Motorcade an Upside Down Number Plate

On Sunday at around 5:30 pm, President Uhuru Kenyatta made his way to Harambee House for a press briefing on the state of the coronavirus situation in the country. In what shocked many, the president’s car had its upside down number plate. The president’s car did not have its usual flag and there was no guard stand behind him as protocol dictates.

This got many Kenyans by surprise and many took to social media to ponder on the incident. To the same, it was a reckless mistake that someone had to account for but to others it was symbolic.

Some took advantage of the display to criticize the government on how it handles issues, they would compare the incident to the state of affairs in current regime.

However, some Kenyans would emerge with theories that an Upside Down Number Plate is a common scenario among heads of state

“There are two instances that would warrant the head of state to drive in a vehicle with an Upside Down Number Plate. One is when the official Presidential Vehicle is not flying the national flag. The second reason is to indicate a standard procedure that the head of state is not carrying good news for the citizens.”

.. One statement claimed.

However, according to a senior government official who spoke to Nairobi mini Bloggers on condition of anonymity said an Upside Down Number Plate was inverted by mistake.

Presidential Motorcade an Upside Down Number Plate
Presidential Motorcade an Upside Down Number Plate

“There is nowhere in the military protocol code where the Upside Down Number Plate has been discussed. The incident was a mistake and that is why it was rectified immediately they noticed.”

The source also added that if in deed it was protocol then even the back number plate could have been inverted to match the front.

At the time when these incidences occurred President Kenyatta was going to announce the news on coronavirus cases that had risen. In the address, the president also announced radical measures that the state was taking to minimize the spread of the virus.

The president announced the closure of all learning institutions in the country. Travels outside the country were banned and visitors coming in were asked to self-quarantine.

The number of Coronavirus has risen to three, Kenya became the first country from East Africa to have a confirmed case.

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