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Only Kenyan President Who Operated as a Bus Conductor Before his Political Breakthrough

President Who Operated as a Bus Conductor Before

Emilio Stanley known as Mwai Kibaki throughout his Political life became Kenya’s president from a humble background. Between 1944 – 1946 in Standard four at Mathira school ( Nyeri school) Kibaki used to earn extra money working as a Conductor on buses operated by the defunct Othaya African Bus Union.

Kibaki also learnt masonry and carpentry skills while at Mathira school because students were the ones responsible for repairing furniture and maintaining school buildings.

Born to middle class Kikuyu peasants Githinji Kibaki and Teresia Wanjiku Kibaki delayed to attend school as he would stay at home grazing his father’s sheep and cows. He would also babysit his young nephews for his older sisters.

It is Kibaki’s older brother in-law Paul Murathi who advised that young Kibaki should attend school rather than stay at home.

President Who Operated as a Bus Conductor Before

Paul’s advise was fruitful , Kibaki proved to be a smart student. He wanted to become a soldier while in highschool but the British goverment banned all Kikuyu, Aembu and Ameru from being recruited into the army.

This saw Kibaki join Makerere University and graduate with a first-class degree in Economics. He would proceed to abroad studies on a scholarship and later returned as an assistant lecturer at Makerere University.

He quit his job at the request of Oginga Odinga and officially joined politics in 1960.

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