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President Uhuru Impeachment Talks Gain Momentum

President Uhuru

Whether President Uhuru impeachment motion and his administration will see the light of day in the Kenyan parliament is a discussion that has continued to elicit mixed reactions.

However past court orders that have been thrashed by President Uhuru Kenyatta and his administration are being seen as precipitates towards his impeachment.

Although Ruto’s side of the political divide has claimed that they have no intention of impeaching Uhuru’s government, the Thursday night ruling states that there are high possibilities that he can be impeached.

NMB President Uhuru

But at the moment who has the guts to initiate the said project to impeach him?

The ruling on the BBI revealed that the president used his powers inappropriately to initiate an initiative that he knew was against the law and the constitution.

The biggest task however is to draft an impeachment motion on the same with recent occurrences in both houses indicating that they have the numbers.

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