Recce Squad Officers Saved President Uhuru from Attack in Lamu

Recce Squad Officers Saved President Uhuru from Attack in Lamu

A middle-aged man was arrested on Thursday afternoon by recce squad officers after he tried to force his way to President Uhuru Kenyatta while he made his speech during the official opening of the Lamu Port.

The man, who was among those invited to the event, bypassed security agents but was blocked by recce squad officers when he was just a few feet away from the president, who appeared startled by the breach and stepped back.

Security agents swooped in and managed to whisk him away before he could utter a word to Mr Kenyatta. The president then made light of the moment and continued with his speech.

The man is currently being held by security agents. However, local police declined to comment on whether he would be presented in court and on what charges.

The incident happened at a time when security officers had cleared the port area to ensure that there was no congregation at the venue of the launch after local youths threatened to hold protests to push government to give them first priority on jobs.

At Mokowe Jetty, police remained on standby to ensure there were no groupings after fishermen had said they were planning a demo to push the government to address their grievances including compensation for loss of livelihood.

Several local leaders, including Lamu Governor Fahim Twaha and Lamu Women Representative Ruweida Obbo, expressed their support for the youths saying it was unfair that the majority of those employed at the Lamu Port so far were outsiders.

Ms Obbo said locals had hoped that the project would help solve unemployment.

“The way job distribution at the port is currently constituted is very unfair and selfish. We must resolve unemployment at all costs. Lamu is the host of the port project and it’s only fair that we benefit more,” she said.

Earlier in the day, Mr. Kenyatta witnessed discharging of the first cargo on MV Cap Carmel at Lamu Port, signaling the beginning of the Sh310 billion port’s operations.

In an event that was only witnessed by government officials, the Head of State also presented a certificate to the master of the first vessel.

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