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President Kenyatta Aide-de-Camp, What Are His Roles

President Kenyatta Aide-de-Camp, What Are His Roles

Lieutenant Colonel Timothy Stelu Lekolool, is the man always at the back of His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta. Appointed in July 2018, Stelu became the 3rd Aide-de-Camp for President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Stelu replaced the former Victor Mburu who had also replaced Colonel Peter Njiru, who served the former President Mwai Kibaki

Stelu became the first Aide-de-Camp to be picked from the Kenya Navy in Kenyan history. Stelu is the son of Francis Lekolool, the long-serving Provincial Commissioner.

Lieutenant Colonel Rachel Nduta Kamui is the assistant Aide-de-camp, who was picked from the Kenya Air Force. She has also on several occasions appeared behind the President in various events.


What are President Kenyatta Aide-de-Camp Responsibilities?

Most of you assume that the Aide-de-Camp’s role is to protect the President. Well, your assumptions are not too far from the truth because his/her roles areas listed below:

Once appointed, he/she moves to the Statehouse so that he can work closely with the President. He is the one responsible for escorting the President out of the Statehouse into waiting for the car.

He is supposed to salute the President when he sits. He also closes the door and occupies the front seat. He keeps the President’s diary, phone, gifts, and speeches.

Aide-de-camp is simply a symbol of dignity and honor to the Presidency, according to sources.

Since Independence, Kenya has had 11 Aides-de-camp, with most presidents choosing to inherit them from previous presidents or in other words their predecessors.

What rumors were you having about the Aide-de-Camp?

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