“Mapenzi ni Hasara!” Police Officer Storms Lover’s House And Destroys Everything After Messy Breakup.

Police Officer

Drama was witnessed at Kamulu Machakos county where a lady is yet to come into terms with the heinous act by his ex-lover Police Officer.

According to Kameme tv Jane Wanjiku has been going through hell after her previous affair turned tragic.

Talking to the media Jane said her ex lover who also happens to be a police officer jumped over the fence, opened the door to her house where all hell broke loose.

The man with anger using a blunt object smashed everything in the house leaving a trail of wrecks.

He later went outside the house and totally dismantled the lady’s vehicle making sure it was no longer usable.


Jane Wanjiku sobbing said she wanted justice for the heinous act, calling for the relevant authorities to intervene and arrest the said Police Officer.

She also claimed the officer had threatened to take her life several times saying he cannot waste two years of commitment with her.

Domestic violence

This case comes at a time when the country has been going through tough times as many in homes have turned against each other.

A majority have even fought to death with some still in hospitals nursing life changing injuries after these brutal fights

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